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James R Herman
May 25, 2013 at 9:05 am

My view is that the solution is to make peace a reasonable alternative. If everyone has enough then that certainly lessens any need for war. So the solution is to put the world population at a sustainable level with liberty and justice for all. After all, the states in the United States now survive without going to war with one another. Just extrapolate that model to the entire world.

Overpopulation is a world wide problem. The Chinese are finally addressing overpopulation in their country by enforcing a one child rule as a humane way to bring down their overpopulation. The air is so foul and the overcrowding so miserable that all I can say is that it was about time. But why do we have to wait until it gets that bad. I’ve heard that 25,000 children die every day from disease, hunger and malnutrition. In other words, they die from overpopulation. It’s not only China, look at India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Haiti and Mexico. Heck, look at any urban area in the good old United States of America. They pulled a 42 year old woman who was pregnant out of the rubble in Haiti. I can only wonder how many children she already had. We need a world wide tube tying campaign for both men and women but especially for women since they are the ones who bear children. The rule should be have one and then you’re done.

Global warming is a symptom of over population. Back in the mid 1950s when they first started measuring carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere they found that it was already increasing. Back then the population was 2 billion. So clearly 2 billion was already too high. Now the population has risen to 6.8 billion according to Al Gore‘s book “Our Choice“. (Mr. Gore reports that under the right conditions the world population will eventually stabilize at 9 billion. I think we‘d all be happier if it was less than 2 billion.) Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has risen right along with the increase in population. If you haven’t already seen the movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” in which Al Gore gives his slide show on global warming, I encourage you to do so. My recommendation is that we have a world wide law that says to a woman: Have one and then you’re done. Tie her tubes right when she delivers. When the population gets back to a sustainable level (something below 2 billion and the carbon dioxide has come back down below 300 parts per million) then we can allow a woman to have only two children. The motto then becomes “OK you’ve had your two and now you’re through.”

I believe having the world population at a sustainable level is one of the prerequisites for world peace. If there is enough land, food, water and other resources for everyone to have a quality of life then that lessens any reasons for going to war. That would lessen the reasons for crime in our urban areas. My concern is that we’ll see more episodes like New Orleans after Katrina hit. We’ll see more war, more genocide, more ethnic cleansing and concentration camp style horrors. Only having one child is a very small price to pay for saving the planet and having world peace with a quality of life for everyone. Thanks.

Every person on the planet should be aware of the perils posed by nuclear weapons. A nuclear event does not “have to happen here.”

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